Premium Decking Solutions

All Docking Systems we offer are totally flexible to your choice of decking materials. 

Cedar is the most common decking used however we also offer a composite option as well.

The composite decking is manufactured by ThruFlow™. 

ThruFlow™ is a finished decking system designed to be beautiful, maintenance free, long lasting and easy to install.

The ThruFlow™ interlocking decking system is ideal for docks due to its water resistance and anti-slip surface. Also, ThruFlow’s sunlight and water penetration properties in concert help to keep vegetation alive, minimizing the effects of your walking surface on the environment and help protect your dock from the effects of wave and storm surge effects.


The ThruFlow™ decking system offers a number of advantages over traditional decking.
  • No Maintenance
  • UV and Static Electricity Protection
  • Superior Load Bearing Capability
  • 360 Degree Non-Slip Surface
  • Strong, Durable and Lightweight
  • Available in 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths
  • Barefoot Friendly 
  • Pre-Drilled and Countersunk for Easy Installation
  • Allows Sunlight, Water and Debris Through
  • Helps Minimize Storm Surge and Wave Effects
  • Stays Cool Even in the Hot Summer Sun
  • ACOE Approved
  • ADA Compliant 
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